Testing Equipment


Shandong Puxin Stainless Steel Co. Ltd., established in 2006, which earns a high reputation among domestic modern integrated stainless steel enterprises. We have provided high-quality products and professional service to 26 provinces of more than 10000 of customers in China and more than 60 countries worldwide.


After 15 years of development, our business grow from traditional industries to other new tech fields like oil and petrochemical, new energy, biological medicine, electronic communications, mechanical engineering, special shipping, rail transportation, aviation and aerospace.


Ronsco has the international advanced special metallurgical capabilities,including the German ALD 6 tons of vacuum induction furnace,6 tons of vacuum consumable furnace,18 tons of protective atmosphere ingot electroslag furnace and 1 ton vacuum induction furnace,3 tons of electroslag furnace,18 tons of evacuated ingot electroslag furnace.